Mission, Vision, and Values



To support Unity ministers and spiritual leaders through: credentialing, informative communication, specialized training programs; mentoring opportunities and conferences that bring Unity leaders together in a spirit of professional collegiality.



·         The purpose of the IAMU is to provide practical support to encourage and enhance a vibrant spiritual fellowship of Unity ministers and spiritual leaders that advances our understanding and application of the spiritual principles taught by Myrtle and Charles Fillmore and other spiritual teachings which complement and support Unity principles.


IAMU CORE VALUES – IAMU actively participates in the continuing well-being of the Unity Movement by:


Living Integrity through:

·                     Practicing Unity Principles as inspired by the insights and teachings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore

·                     Maintaining healthy, respectful, inclusive relationships

·                     Engaging a participatory process

·                     Practicing organizational transparency


Respectfully Communicating through:

·                     Keeping members informed about our programs and services

·                     Inviting member feedback

·                     Practicing compassionate listening and responsiveness


Providing an Effective organization through:

·                     Maintaining a high-performance board and staff

·                     Growing and maintaining an involved membership

·                     Sustaining plentiful cash flow by practicing good stewardship