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Center of Unity in Grapevine, TX

Information about Center of Unity and Minister Expectations

Hello!  We an opening for a minister and we’d like to post our information on your website.

Please let me know what you need from me; we have a packet of information all ready to go, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you! 

With deep gratitude,

Mary Salerno, Administrator
Center of Unity
1650 Hughes Road
Grapevine, TX 76051
817-488-1008 Option 

Unity of Tucson

3617 N. Camino Blanco, Tucson, AZ 85718

www.UnityTucson.com, 520-577-3300

Unity@UnityTucson.com, President@UnityTucson.com

Description of Ministry

Unity of Tucson is a church, Metaphysical book and gift store, wedding chapel and a house of worship where loving, practical Christianity is shared. Unity of Tucson offers the gift of acceptance and respect for you and what we know to be your spiritual journey of truly remembering who and what you are; a spiritual being One with the love that is God. Founded in 1966, former ministers, Rev. Larry and Mary Ellen Swartz recently retired after 53 years of service.

Our Mission – Within the principles of Unity, we are a ministry of love, inspiration, learning, healing, wholeness and joy that empowers all people to embrace their Divine Nature.

Our Vision Statement – We envision a place of peace, beauty and power where spiritual principles are taught and practiced within an ever-growing and dynamic congregation.

Unity of Tucson is located on an 18-acre beautiful wild desert property with two buildings. The sanctuary seats 200+; great classrooms and Harmony Hall. The property has a nature trail through the desert, meditation garden and labyrinth. Tucson is a beautiful desert town with gorgeous mountain views! It is home to University of Arizona. About 90 miles SE of Phoenix.

We look forward to our new minister(s) who will lead our congregation into the next evolution of our beingness. We realize that after 53 years of leadership, there will be many shifts and changes. We are looking for the tenacity to guide us into a grand new vision for our next decades.

Please include a DVD, CD or link to a recording of one of your recent talks with your application.

In the next three years our ministry would like to accomplish the following:

Position ourselves as the “go-to” for New Thought in Tucson; filling our spaces with services, education, community and events. Expanding our Youth program; reaching out to families. Providing a sense of belonging and inclusiveness for everyone who enters our center with the overall focus being Love for All.

Our current short term goals are:

Navigate the winds of change as we transition to new minister(s) and update our ministry to prepare for our future.

Expectations of our next Minister(s):

We are looking for a dynamic speaker that will lead by example; have a deep personal spiritual life; share accordingly and grow our ministry. We desire someone who is good with administration and delegation and empowerment of the community.

The top desires, ranked on a 1-7 scale.

  1. Presence, energy, of Spiritual connection  
  2. Presenter/Speaker                                         
  3. Interpersonal Communications                    
  4. Leadership                                                     
  5. Visionary/Planner/Organizer                         
  6. Chaplaincy/Pastoral                                       
  7. Business administration                                

Some specifics about our ministry:

Unity of Tucson is nestled in a beautiful location, has unlimited potential! Our music program includes a dynamic, flexible music director/pianist/vocalist and professional drummer and bassist. We have an active “Unitics” group that offers many, varied social activities each month.

Our current attendance is 100; our mailing list goes to over 300 families and our email distribution is over 600. We have a small, yet dynamic Youth Education Program with a Director; teens group; elementary and nursery.

Unity of Tucson has chosen not to utilize the Unity Worldwide Ministry Employment process and had declined Transitional Services. We believe our next leader, with awareness and skill will be able to lead us through the transition process. We did have a temporary minister for four months to help hold space and guide us into the Employment Search process.

Locale and Proximity

Unity of Tucson is the largest new thought ministry in the area. Approximately 100 miles from Phoenix. There are several smaller Unity churches and Center for Spiritual Living churches in the Tucson area.

Please submit your Resume, a DVD/CD or audio of a recent Sunday Talk and a list of three references to President@UnityTucson.com. For inquiries, please contact, Karen Ives, Board President at 520-661-1454